Application and market prospect of cyclopentane foaming agent in refrigerator and freezer industry

refrigeratorIt is understood that at present, in the refrigerator industry, there are many mature technologies that can replace HCFC-141b without damaging the ozone layer, mainly include cyclopentane, HFC-245fa and HFC-365mfc. The thermal conductivity of HFC-245fa is better than that of cyclopentane, the investment in equipment transformation is also small, and the energy saving performance of the product is good. However, the curing process of HFC-245fa is too fast and the material cost is higher than that of cyclopentane and HCFC-141b. The material cost of HFC-365mfc is also high. Cyclopentane is the most potential alternative to CFC-11 polyurethane foaming agent for refrigerators: polyurethane foam using all water foaming agent (i.e. water+carbon dioxide foaming) is prone to aging, with poor thermal insulation performance, low cell wall strength, and poor dimensional stability of foam products. The GWP (comprehensive greenhouse effect value) of HFCs is not zero, with high toxicity and high cost. It is difficult to form a production scale in a long period of time. The price of PFAs foaming agent is higher. Although the amount of PFAs can be reduced by increasing the amount of water in the foaming agent during use, it will cause the brittleness of foam to increase and the cohesiveness to deteriorate, which will greatly limit its application in the refrigerator industry. The degradation half-life of cyclopentane foaming agent in the atmosphere is only 10-15 hours, the retention time is only a few days, the boiling point and the thermal conductivity of steam are low, and so on. It is suitable for use as a rigid polyurethane foaming agent for refrigerators, and the price is much cheaper than HPCs and PFCs.
At present, most refrigerator and freezer enterprises choose cyclopentane technology. This technology was introduced into China in 1993 and began to be applied in the Chinese refrigerator industry in 1996. The advantages of cyclopentane are that the ODP value is 0, the GWP (global greenhouse effect) value is very low, and it has better thermal insulation performance and accessibility. It is currently a widely used foaming agent in refrigerator manufacturing in China and even the world.

In the refrigerator industry, replacing HCFC-141b with cyclopentane as foaming agent has undoubtedly become a mainstream solution. However, in order to use cyclopentane foaming, the foaming equipment must be modified, including the modification of foaming machine (gun head), foaming fixture (heating system), intermediate tank, premixing system, and storage tank. The ventilation and anti-static devices in the workshop must be added, and the plant must use uninterruptible power supply.

The process principle of cyclopentane foaming as follow:
The black and white materials are mixed with the premix of cyclopentane through the injection gun head of the high-pressure foaming machine, and injected into the interlayer between the shell and the inner liner of the box or door body. At a certain temperature, polyisocyanate (isocyanate in (- NCO)) and combined polyether (hydroxy in (- OH)) react chemically under the action of catalyst to produce polyurethane, and release a lot of heat at the same time. At this time, the cyclopentane foaming agent premixed in the combined polyether, is continuously gasified to make the polyurethane expand and fill the gap between the shell and the inner liner.

Chemical reaction formula is n O=C=N-R-N=C=O+n HO-R '– OH ------ → (OC-NH-R-NH-COO-R' – O -) n

At present, the market of cyclopentane is considerable. The refrigerator factory uses cyclopentane, the insulation board is also polyurethane foam, and the foaming agent is also replaced by cyclopentane. It can be seen that the total market demand for cyclopentane will continue to grow steadily.

Shandong Senzhihai New Material Co., Ltd. follows the pace of the times, and under the background of the continuous growth of cyclopentane market demand, has carried out full and detailed market research and technical route demonstration. The new 20000 tons/year cyclopentane deep processing project is about to enter the acceptance stage. After the project is put into operation, it is estimated that 25000 tons of cyclopentane products will be supplied to the market every year. The new project adopts advanced production equipment and control system, as well as supporting large testing center. Ensure the stable and reliable quality of cyclopentane products.

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Post time: Nov-24-2022