About Us


Company Profile

Shandong Senzhihai New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional petrochemical product deep processing enterprise located in the chemical park of Yutai County, Jining City, Shandong Province. Since its establishment, the company has continuously introduced new technologies and equipment, and has built 160000 tons/year mixed benzene refining and 30000 tons/year cyclopentane deep processing production units, covering an area of 56667m2.


What We Do

The company mainly produces cyclopentane, pure benzene, ethylbenzene, methylcyclohexane, biphenyl and other products. The production equipment is technologically advanced. All production units adopt advanced DCS control system. The technical management and production team are experienced. The main management personnel have more than 10 years of industry experience. The production personnel have been strictly trained to ensure the production of high-quality products.

Why Choose Us


Shandong Senzhihai New Material Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of "quality first, customer first", adopts the ISO9001 international quality system, has built a large R&D and quality inspection center, and the testing equipment has reached the international advanced level. It strictly controls the product quality from raw material procurement, production and processing, to the inspection of finished products, and adheres to the business philosophy of "customer satisfaction, win-win cooperation", and provide satisfactory high-quality products for customers at home and abroad.

After making great efforts in recent years, the market share of the company's products has increased year by year.

In particular, cyclopentane products, as a new type of green and environmentally friendly foaming agent and solvent, are used to replace Freon products that pollute the environment. They are widely used in insulation materials and rigid polyurethane materials for refrigerators, freezers and other household appliances.
The products are exported to Europe, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea , Brazil and other countries and regions.


Company Vision

Shandong Senzhihai New Material Co., Ltd. will continue to increase its technical research and development efforts, increase its market expansion efforts, improve its quality management level, improve customer satisfaction, better provide high-quality products and services for customers, and jointly create a better future.